Strategic Goals and Corporate Values

In the long term ASCO is focused on growth and systematic creation of value. This strategy is based on thorough specialization of ASCO in its niche activities.

ASCO´s integrity policy mainly focuses on the following areas:

  • The protection of and the information towards the insurance consumer 
  • The prevention of fraud 
  • The protection of personal data 
  • The prevention of discrimination 
  • Areas indicated by management, such as: 
  • Professional conduct; 
  • Corporate governance; 
  • Incompatible functions; 
  • Insider trading; 
  • Anti-trust and fair competition; 
  • Complaints management; 

All ASCO personnel adhere to the following ethical values:

  • Engagement; 
  • Respect; 
  • Loyalty. 

These ethical values translate into a number of deontological principles:

  • Compliance with laws and regulations; 
  • Professionalism and discretion; 
  • Credibility and respect towards customers; 
  • Loyalty towards ASCO; 
  • Mutual respect for people and opinions.